Medical software that will revolutionise your practice

Improve the consent process with our simple, secure, and efficient patient software

Medical consent is not standardised between practitioners, practices and institutions. Consentic aims to give clarity and consistency to medical and dental consent.

Practice management software that improves the consent process

Simple and easy to understand

The Consentic videos are accessible to all patients. Everyday language and non-threatening video animations improve patient understanding of their medical or dental procedure, and help them feel confident and reassured. Each video has been tested on real patients and includes the option for subtitles in multiple languages.

Interactive consent videos improve patient understanding

Interactive for better comprehension

Consentic allows patients to interact with the videos. At any time, patients can pause, rewind and repeat any section of the video. This allows patients to understand material more quickly and comprehensively, and information retention is improved. Patients have access to the video for one week after the consent has been signed, and can watch alongside their friends and family, so all understand what is involved with the procedure. This access period can be extended on request.

Secure storage of patient consent information

All patient data is stored securely

Once a patient has watched the video animation, they are prompted to complete questions about the procedure that highlight specific risks. Any queries the patient may have can be entered into the online consent platform, alerting the doctor. Once they are satisfied, an electronic consent form is signed by both the patient and the clinician. The consent form is securely stored, protecting you now and into the future.

Online consent medical software will save you time and money

Save time and money

This streamlined consent process reduces the amount of time you need to spend with patients explaining the procedure and answering questions. This frees up your time to see more patients, and also leads to more satisfied patients.

Reduce your medicolegal risk with standardised online consent

Reduces your medicolegal risk

A standardised online consent process improves patient understanding and satisfaction. When patients are well-informed, they have realistic expectations of what’s involved in the procedure and may be less likely to file malpractice suits. Consentic also protects you by providing verifiable documentation of the consent process, that meets your legal obligations.