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Dr Rebecca Saunderson


Rebecca is a practicing dermatologist, researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur, working in both public and private sectors. After completing her physicians training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, she studied her MPhil…

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Dr Julia Rhodes


Julia is a practising dermatologist and Cofounder of Consentic. She has a passion for advancing healthcare through evidence-based innovation in technology, and in doing so, improving the healthcare experience for…

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Prem Matthew

Product Development

Prem has completed his degree in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science at the University of Sydney. Through his education he has gained experience in a clinician collaboration project, which went…

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Andrew Drake


Andrew is Consentic’s Chief Technology Officer. With extensive experience across all aspects of web technology, he brings technical expertise, design skills, software engineering and technical innovation to Consentic. Andrew understands…

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Arooj Sheikh

Animation Developer

Arooj is Consentic’s lead animation developer, supervising a team of experienced animators at Mavrick Studios. He has years of experience in animation, video creation and copywriting across a range of…

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Yueyue Miao

Lead Researcher

Yueyue is currently completing her degree in Medicine through the University of Sydney. She has previously completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science, majoring in physiology and nutrition. Throughout her studies thus…

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Shahed Kamal

Product Manager

Shahed is a medical student with a passion for entrepreneurship. Shahed has an unrelenting passion for healthcare, education & startups. He started his first company when he was in year…

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Anusheel Chand

Sales associate

Anusheel is a biomedical engineer, sales and business development professional whose passion for healthcare and advanced-technology fuels his drive to help global initiatives thrive. His entrepreneurial spirit was found through…

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I am currently completing my medical degree through the University of Sydney. I have previous completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in anatomy and physiology. I have an interest in…

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Niharika Anand

Director of Clinical Trials Niharika worked initially at Alfred Hospital as a Clinical Study Coordinator within Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre for 1 year before moving to the biopharmaceuticals industry.…

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Noah Isserman

Strategy Advisor

Noah Isserman is a professor, strategist, and entrepreneur focused on the financing and future of social goods. An award-winning researcher and educator, he builds systems that unearth and understand problems…

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Tony Harris

Business advisor

Anthony (Tony) Harris has been an advisor on intellectual property, business process, and pricing models for Consentic since the early days of the company. Tony holds an MA (Oxon) and…

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Marina Wainstein

Clinical Advisor

Marina is a practicing Renal Physician with a special interest and passion for establishing improved practices of informed consent in the healthcare setting. A Cornell and Sydney University graduate, Marina…

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We value highly motivated, hardworking, dedicated, self-directed individuals who strive for excellence in everything they do, who want to be a part of a dynamic, fast paced and rapidly evolving team. We don’t fill pre-determined positions, we value individuals who will share the spirit of the company, are brilliant, and who will add value and insights to all that we do. If this sounds like you,


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