About Us

Consentic is Australia's first online platform for medical and financial consent, providing a comprehensive library of animations and interactive checklists to optimise the consent process.

How Consentic Can Help You

Consentic streamlines, standardises and improves the consent process. This can save you time, improve your patients' understanding of their procedures, and improve their satisfaction with the consent process and their peri-operative care.

Time Saved

Patients watch the animation and complete the checklist independently, freeing up your time. This means the majority of the information is conveyed to them without you, and many common questions are already answered. Your job - to clarify misunderstandings and discuss specific information for that patient - is made much faster.


The medical literature overwhelming supports the use of video-assisted consent over traditional doctor-patient consent. Patient understanding of information presented is improved, anxiety is decreased, and patient and physician satisfaction is improved. Your patients leave the Consentic experience better understanding their procedure, and feeling more reassured.


Issues pertaining to consent are the second most common reason for legal claims against doctors. By improving the consent process, Consentic may help reduce your medicolegal risk.