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Dr Farzan Bahin MBBS FRACP PhD

Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist,
The Hills Gastroenterology

“Consentic has significantly enhanced the efficiency of my large volume practice. Due to a significant number of endoscopic procedures, much time is spent on the consent process, even though from a practitioner’s perspective a lot is repetitive. Using Consentic complements the consent process significantly, improves patient understanding of the procedures and overall satisfaction in my experience thus far. I would strongly recommend it for colleagues performing common day only procedures.”

Sophie Ashton

Practice Manager and Owner,
Goulburn Health Hub

“We use Consentic for all our phototherapy patients. The process is easy to use, accessible to the patient and it gives our doctors and nurses great peace of mind. We can’t wait to use consentic for all our procedures – it’s really the only way to properly consent patients without consuming the doctor’s time.”


Tracey Ashton

Group Clinical Services Manager
The Infusion Clinic

“For over 12 months we have been using Consentic as a tool for gaining informed consent from patients attending The Infusion Clinic. Consentic has worked with us to tailor informed consent dialogues and videos, enabling a more consistent approach to ensure patients fully understand the procedure/infusion they are undertaking. The platform is very easy to navigate and takes no time at all to send an email with a tailored message to individual patients. Our patients generally have no trouble interacting with Consentic in terms of viewing the video, answering the questions and signing the form. We recommend Consentic for any practice wanting to standardise, and streamline consent processes.”

Rachel Digiglio

Registered Nurse,
Drummoyne Dermatology

“We have been using Consentic for over 12 months at our clinic for medical consent for our patients. There are a number of consent videos which we use for multiple procedures, ranging from consent for our patients undergoing skin excisions and our patients having phototherapy treatments. The videos are clear, concise and easy for our staff and patients to use. The treatment procedure and any involved risks are outlined and the animation is simple but effective. There are questions at the end which reinforce the understanding for our patients. Consentic assists in ensuring our patients are well informed and less anxious.”


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