Medical and dental consent made simple and reassuring for patients, and less risky and faster for doctors

Consentic is an online platform of comprehensive, medicolegally reviewed, and patient-tested video animations that assist medical and dental consent.

Created by doctors, for doctors.

Why Consentic?

Informed medical consent is time consuming, and a source of medicolegal risk. Medicolegal complaints are increasing in Australia each year, and doctors who perform procedures are at the highest risk. However, evidence shows that video consent for medical procedures increases patient understanding, and improves both patient and clinician satisfaction.

Consentic optimises and streamlines medical, dental consent, resulting in enhanced patient understanding, improved patient and clinician satisfaction, and increased practice efficiency.

Our comprehensive consent videos for a wide range of medical and dental procedures saves clinicians time and money, and provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have adequately consented your patients.