Medical and financial consent made simple and more reassuring for patients, and less risky and faster for doctors.

Consentic is Australia's first online platform for medical consent.

Why Consentic?

Time saved, improved, standardised consent and peace of mind. Consentic provides the facilities to optimise and streamline the consent process, resulting in improved patient understanding and satisfaction, and time savings for doctors.

Informed medical consent is time consuming, poorly executed, unstandardised and a source of medicolegal risk. Medicolegal claims are increasing in Australia by 15% per annum, with proceduralists at the highest risk. There is clear evidence from the medical literature that video consent increases patient understanding and improves both patient and physician satisfaction.

Consentic provides medical consent videos for a wide range of procedures, and also incorporates financial consent. This saves doctors time and money, and provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have adequately collected both medical and financial consent.

We are working with some of the biggest names in the medical and startup industries. By collaborating with these companies, we are able to deliver a robust and reliable system for medical professionals and their patients.