The Hills Gastroenterology

digital patient consent


Digital patient consent solutions for a gastroenterology practice.

Based in Bella Vista (Sydney, Australia), The Hills Gastroenterology is a practice that specialises in diagnosing and treating all digestive disorders in both adults and children.

The practice has a team of highly qualified gastroenterologists who are able to perform all diagnostic procedures and treatments.



Consentic digital patient consent solutions.

Since adopting Consentic in 2021, the practice has facilitated over 1,400 patient consents. This demonstrates that Consentic has been effectively integrated into the practice’s workflow and has helped streamline the consent process for their diagnostic procedures and treatments.



“Consentic has significantly enhanced the efficiency of my large volume practice. Due to a significant number of endoscopic procedures, much time is spent on the consent process, even though from a practitioner’s perspective a lot is repetitive. Using Consentic complements the consent process significantly, improves patient understanding of the procedures and overall satisfaction in my experience thus far. I would strongly recommend it for colleagues performing common day only procedures.” – Dr Farzan Bahin MBBS FRACP PhD.



Consentic informed patient consent solutions.

Consentic electronic informed consent solutions are meticulously designed to elevate the consent process across a spectrum of scenarios. Whether it pertains to medical procedures, dental interventions, compliance protocols, or participation in clinical trials, our focus remains on enhancing and refining the way informed consent is acquired and administered.

Discussing medical procedures and making patients understand them can be tough, especially when your practice is busy or language barriers exist. Getting informed consent is crucial, but how it’s done varies among practitioners, practices, and places. To address these challenges, we’ve created Consentic.

Consentic is the leading online platform for medical and dental consent. It provides a wide range of medical consent videos and interactive checklists that make the consent process consistent and efficient. This saves you time and stress, and reduces the legal risks associated with medical procedures.

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