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Digital consent solutions for a large, not-for-profit private hospital clinical trial.

This major clinical research organisation is the largest not-for-profit private hospital group in Victoria (Australia), with a reputation for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care, and rehabilitation.

The organisation is a pioneer in Australia’s health system, incorporating the most recent advances in evidence-based medicine to provide their patients with innovative treatments and services.



Consentic digital consent solutions.

One of their clinical trials has been using Consentic since 2020.

It shows that Consentic has helped them in consenting their participants remotely (especially during the pandemic) and has also improved their staff’s work efficiency.



Consentic is a great platform to use when consenting patients for clinical trials. Having used Consentic for a year, I’ve found the website interface clean and easy to navigate. You can see if the patient has viewed the consent, and are notified by email when the patient has completed signing it. Time is saved enrolling patients because the research staff does not have obtain the consent in person, nor wait for the consent to be sent back via mail. This has been incredibly useful during the pandemic, especially for the patients who live rurally. Patients have fed back that they were happy with how they were consented, finding the animation clear and easy to understand. If you’re looking for an eConsent platform to consider, I’d definitely recommend Consentic.” – Rhea A., Clinical Research Nurse/Research Coordinator.




Consentic informed patient consent solutions.

Consentic electronic informed consent solutions are meticulously designed to elevate the consent process across a spectrum of scenarios. Whether it pertains to medical procedures, dental interventions, compliance protocols, or participation in clinical trials, our focus remains on enhancing and refining the way informed consent is acquired and administered.

Discussing medical procedures and making patients understand them can be tough, especially when your practice is busy or language barriers exist. Getting informed consent is crucial, but how it’s done varies among practitioners, practices, and places. To address these challenges, we’ve created Consentic.

Consentic is the leading online platform for medical and dental consent. It provides a wide range of medical consent videos and interactive checklists that make the consent process consistent and efficient. This saves you time and stress, and reduces the legal risks associated with medical procedures.

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