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Why Consentic

Consentic electronic informed consent solutions are meticulously designed to elevate the consent process across a spectrum of scenarios.

Whether it pertains to medical procedures, dental interventions, compliance protocols, or participation in clinical trials, our focus remains on enhancing and refining the way informed consent is acquired and administered.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

Informed consent solutions.

Discussing medical procedures and making patients understand them can be tough, especially when your practice is busy or language barriers exist.

Getting informed consent is crucial, but how it’s done varies among practitioners, practices, and places.

To address these challenges, we’ve created Consentic.

Consentic is the leading online platform for medical and dental consent. It provides a wide range of medical consent videos and interactive checklists that make the consent process consistent and efficient. This saves you time and stress, and reduces the legal risks associated with medical procedures.

How Consentic Works

informed consent


Essential patient details are identified and entered

informed consent


The appropriate consent video is chosen for the patient’s procedure. If there are any risks unique to that patient, the clinician can note them on the platform, and extra information can be added.

informed consent


The consent request is sent to the patient via sms or email in one click.

informed consent


The patient watches the procedure-related video. Then the patient is prompted to answer tailored questions about the procedure, specifically focusing on potential risks. Any questions they have can be input into the consent platform, alerting the doctor. An electronic consent form is signed by the patient (and the clinician if required).

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This form is securely sent to the practice via email and can be downloaded as a PDF. The same form is sent to the patient, as well as the link to the animation so that the patient could watch it again if they feel they need to.

Patient satisfaction and comprehension.

Optimising clinical time.

Consentic has demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing patient satisfaction, comprehension, and optimising clinical time.

Through a purpose-built clinical study, it was demonstrated that Consentic animations contribute to increased patient satisfaction, a better understanding of procedures and associated risks, all while saving clinicians 3 minutes of their valuable time (Miao et al., JAAD International 1, 1, 2020, 13-20). Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

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