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Healthcare Clinics

Consentic improves the efficiency of healthcare clinics. We streamline your patient registration process, seamlessly collecting patient information to reduce administration time.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

The administrative burden on healthcare clinics is immense.

It is crucial to have efficient and streamlined processes. Consentic offers a HIPAA compliant patient registration process streamlining your clinic process, as well as standardised consent forms.

HIPAA compliant medical consent

HIPAA compliant

Compliant with HIPAA regulations ensuring patient privacy

fast medical consent process

Saves time

Streamlined patient registration improves efficiency, and reduces the admin staff time

Go paperless. Increase efficiency. Reduce carbon emissions

Efficient, organised, and modern practices are paper-free. 10% of carbon emissions are from healthcare. Being paperless is one way we can help the environment, and is an important component of transitioning to NetZero healthcare.