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Medical Consent

Consentic optimises and streamlines medical consent, resulting in enhanced understanding, improved consent experience, and increased efficiency.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

Medical consent is insufficiently standardised and can be unclear for both healthcare providers and patients.

Consentic e-solutions provide clear and consistent guidance throughout the medical and dental consent process.

This is achieved through easy-to-understand explanations of procedures, a thorough validation process to ensure understanding, and a secure method for capturing signatures.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to comprehend and use so that both clinicians and patients may have the best consent experience!

patient friendly medical consent

Medical consent that is accessible and patient friendly.

The Consentic animations and online consent forms are accessible to all patients. Everyday language and non-threatening animations improve patients’ understanding of their procedure, and help them feel confident and reassured. Each animation and online consent form has been tested on real patients. On request these can be translated into other languages.

fast medical consent process

Save time and money with digital medical consent.

Patients watch the consent animation or read the online consent form and complete the checklist independently, freeing up your time. This means the majority of the information is conveyed to them without you, and many common questions are already answered. Your job — to clarify misunderstandings and discuss information specific to that patient — is simpler and faster.

medicolegal patient consent

Reduce medicolegal risk with standardised patient consent.

A standardised online consent process improves patient understanding and satisfaction. When patients are well-informed, they have realistic expectations of what’s involved in the procedure and may be less likely to file malpractice suits. Consentic also protects you by providing verifiable documentation of the consent process, that meets your legal obligations.

interactive medical consent forms

Interactive medical consent forms for better comprehension.

Consentic allows patients to interact with the animations. At any time, patients can pause, rewind and repeat any section of the animation. This allows patients to understand material more quickly and comprehensively, and information retention is improved. Patients have access to the animation after the consent has been signed, and can watch alongside their friends and family, so all understand what is involved with the procedure. This access period can be extended on request.

interactive medical consent forms

Evidence based success using video-assisted medical consent.

There are more than 150 medical research papers supporting video-assisted consent over traditional clinician-patient consent. These studies demonstrate enhanced patient understanding of the information presented, and decreased patient anxiety. Patients and clinicians using video-assisted consent are also more satisfied with the process.

paperless medical consent forms

Go paperless. Increase efficiency. Reduce carbon emissions.

Efficient, organised, and modern practices are paper-free, and there are numerous benefits. Nine percent (9%) of emissions come from healthcare, and being paperless is one way we can help the environment. Not to mention the cost – most practices underestimate the cost of paper; each piece of paper costs $0.20c, an envelope $0.10c, stamps $1.10, and administrative time anywhere from 3 to 5 mins to print, scan, upload and insert a consent form into the file ($1.50 to $2.50 staff time per consent), and 3 minutes of clinician time at $200 per hour. You can really start to appreciate the financial benefits of Consentic.