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Consentic’s clinically validated and peer reviewed consents standardise your consent process, offering you medicolegal protection, whilst improving your practice efficiency.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

Medical consent is unstandardised, time consuming and a source of medicolegal risk.

1 in 10 litigation claims against doctors are due to issues with consent.

Consentic offers peer-reviewed medicolegally designed explanations (forms or animations) that can be completed in rooms, or emailed or SMS’d to patients.

Patients read or watch the simple-to-understand content, prior to answering questions agreeing to the risks of a procedure or treatment, before signing an electronic consent form, which is stored in the medical record.

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Standardise your consent process

Consent is unstandardised between doctors and medical practices. Consentic’s peer reviewed and high quality animations or forms ensure that each patient receives the same information, standardising your consent.

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Lower your practice costs

Practices that implement eConsent save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. There are hidden costs to paper based processes e.g. each piece of paper costing $0.20c, an envelope $0.10c, stamps $1.10, and administrative time anywhere from 3 to 5 mins to print, scan, upload and insert a consent form into the file at $1.50 to $2.50 staff time per consent, with 3 to 5 minutes of clinician time at $200 per hour, plus the cost of printer cartridges, it all adds up to AT LEAST $12 to $15 per consent!

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Reduce medicolegal risk

Consentic’s comprehensive explanations, ensure that every patient receives accurate information. Their progress is tracked, and stored in their medical record, improving medico-legal protection.

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Interactive medical consent

At any time, patients can pause, rewind and repeat any section of the animation. This allows patients to understand material more quickly and comprehensively, and information retention is improved. Patients have access to the animation after the consent has been signed, and can watch alongside their friends and family, so all understand what is involved with the procedure.

interactive medical consent forms

Evidence based

There are more than 150 peer reviewed papers supporting video assisted consent, which leads to better patient understanding, satisfaction, time savings and less anxiety.
Consentic is proven in two RCT to improve patient knowledge, satisfaction, and save time. See our research here.

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Go paperless. Towards NetZero healthcare.

Efficient, organised, and modern practices are paper-free. 10% of carbon emissions are from healthcare. Being paperless is one way we can help the environment, and is an important component of transitioning to NetZero healthcare.