medical consent for institutions australia


Consentic’s medicolegally designed solution standardises the consent process for your hospital or institution, ensuring you have a compliant process, whilst delivering a superior patient experience.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

Consentic offers tailor-made solutions perfectly suited for hospitals and companies, addressing both medical consent and compliance consent needs.
Consentic’s solution can be integrated into your electronic medical records system, or you can access the content library. 

Consentic delivers top-notch consent processing

Seamless Integration

With an open API, we make integration easy, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing systems.

Regulation Complience

Complying with CFR Part 11 and HIPAA regulations is a fundamental aspect of our approach, guaranteeing the security and privacy of sensitive data.

Corporate Compliance

Especially beneficial for large corporate organisations, our platform serves as an ideal solution for managing compliance-related consents effectively.

Reliable and Secure

You can count on us for a reliable and secure consent process, safeguarding both patient information and legal compliance.

For further insights and details, we invite you to get in touch with us. Discover the ways Consentic can elevate your consent process to the next level!