The Infusion Clinic

informed patient consent


Informed patient consent solutions for an infusion clinic.

The Infusion Clinic has three state-of-the art facilities to treat acute and chronic health conditions.

The clinic aims to improve the quality of life of patients in a safe, comfortable and friendly setting at an affordable price. Patient care, affordability, accessibility, customer service, and communication, are the defining features of Infusion clinic.


Consentic informed patient consent solutions.

The Infusion Clinic started to use Consentic in 2020 and since that time Consentic has made a positive impact on the Infusion Clinic’s patient consent process via facilitating more than 17,000 informed patient consents!

This fantastic outcome demonstrates Consentic effectiveness in streamlining the consent process.

Furthermore, the unchanging patient satisfaction with the process indicates that the solution has been well-received by patients and has consistently delivered clear and informative consent process.

It’s a strong testament to how Consentic solutions can enhance healthcare processes and improve patient experiences.



Consentic informed patient consent solutions.

Consentic electronic informed consent solutions are meticulously designed to elevate the consent process across a spectrum of scenarios. Whether it pertains to medical procedures, dental interventions, compliance protocols, or participation in clinical trials, our focus remains on enhancing and refining the way informed consent is acquired and administered.

Discussing medical procedures and making patients understand them can be tough, especially when your practice is busy or language barriers exist. Getting informed consent is crucial, but how it’s done varies among practitioners, practices, and places. To address these challenges, we’ve created Consentic.

Consentic is the leading online platform for medical and dental consent. It provides a wide range of medical consent videos and interactive checklists that make the consent process consistent and efficient. This saves you time and stress, and reduces the legal risks associated with medical procedures.

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