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Clinical Trials

Consentic’s patient centric digital consent solution can remotely screen, consent and enrol patients from the comfort of their own home.

Every 5 minutes we facilitate one informed consent in Australia.

Track the progress of your patient step-by-step through their enrollment

Interactive digital clinical trial consent solutions.

Consentic’s engaging electronic consent forms or proprietary animations distil complex information from your study protocol into a simple-to-understand and patient-centric information.

Consents can be delivered remotely via email or sms, making Consentic the perfect solution for decentralised clinical trials.

Consentic has audit tracking so you can see exactly which stage of the consent process your patient is.

CFR Part 11 Compliant

Consentic’s eSignature is CFR Part 11 compliant, ensuring the integrity of your electronic records

Language Translations

Our team can translate forms or animations to ensure your culturally and linguistically diverse patients can access the consent


Our animations and forms repeatedly meet ethics committee standards, both private and public HRECs

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Our simple to understand animations demystify complex trial information into simple concepts that patients can engage with.

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No deviations of consent 

Each step of the consent process is tracked, showing when the participant opened, read, agreed to the risks of the clinical trial and signed their consent, reducing the chance of protocol deviations.

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Supporting all organisations

Whether you’re an investigator running an investigator initiated study, a research site, CRO, or sponsor, our consent solution can cater to your need.

What about ethics?

All consent animations and forms repeatedly meet ethics committee standards.

We have worked with multiple public and private HRECs.

Our Research

Royal North Shore Hospital and The Skin Hospital
We showed that a Consentic animation improves patient satisfaction, understanding of the procedure and its risks, and saved 3 minutes of clinician time (Miao et al., JAAD International 1, 1, 2020, 13-20)

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
We are working with Professor Sanjay Warrier, Dr Natalia Garibotto and Dr Scott Leslie to improve consent in breast cancer and prostate cancer surgical consent.

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
We are working on improving consent processes for renal biopsy, and for haemodialysis.

Columbia University Medical Centre, New York City
We are evaluating the use of Consentic in patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

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