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Clinical Trial Medical Consent

Interactive digital clinical trial consent solutions.

Consentic optimises and streamlines clinical trial consent, resulting in enhanced understanding, improved consent experience, and increased efficiency.

Consentic medical consent for clinical trials is good for patients, good for researchers.

Consentic offers the gold standard in clinical trial consent. PICFs are complex and translate information poorly to study participants. This has repeatedly been demonstrated in clinical studies to be a reason for non-participation.

The average time to consent a patient for a clinical trial is at least two hours. Proprietary consent animations, that distill complex information from your study protocol into simple to understand animations.

Engaging electronic consent forms and interactive checklists, that the study participant completes prior to signing an electronic consent form.

Consent patients remotely, in the comfort of their own home, or in the clinic / clinical trial centre.

Major Clinical Research Organisation

clinical trial digital consent

THE CLIENT Digital consent solutions for a large, not-for-profit private hospital clinical trial. This major clinical research organisation is the largest not-for-profit private hospital group in Victoria (Australia), with a reputation for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care, and rehabilitation. The organisation is a pioneer in Australia’s health system, incorporating the most recent advances in evidence-based […]