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Interactive medical consent for clinics.

Consentic optimises and streamlines medical consent, resulting in enhanced understanding, improved consent experience, and increased efficiency.

User friendly patient medical consent for clinics.

Medical consent is insufficiently standardised and can be unclear for both healthcare providers and patients.

Consentic e-solutions provide clear and consistent guidance throughout the medical and dental consent process.

This is achieved through easy-to-understand explanations of procedures, a thorough validation process to ensure understanding, and a secure method for capturing signatures.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to comprehend and use so that both clinicians and patients may have the best consent experience!

The Infusion Clinic

informed patient consent

THE CLIENT Informed patient consent solutions for an infusion clinic. The Infusion Clinic has three state-of-the art facilities to treat acute and chronic health conditions. The clinic aims to improve the quality of life of patients in a safe, comfortable and friendly setting at an affordable price. Patient care, affordability, accessibility, customer service, and communication, […]

The Hills Gastroenterology

digital patient consent

THE CLIENT Digital patient consent solutions for a gastroenterology practice. Based in Bella Vista (Sydney, Australia), The Hills Gastroenterology is a practice that specialises in diagnosing and treating all digestive disorders in both adults and children. The practice has a team of highly qualified gastroenterologists who are able to perform all diagnostic procedures and treatments. […]

Drummoyne Dermatology

electronic medical consent australia

THE CLIENT Informed electronic medical consent solutions for a dermatological clinic. Drummoyne Dermatology (Sydney, Australia) is a long-established, highly regarded medical facility that has supported tenant Dermatologists in providing cutting-edge dermatology care for more than two decades. It provides facilities and support personnel for independent Dermatologists who conduct their own businesses from this location. This […]